Welcome to Regency House Sheffield

Led by Mears Group (www.mearsgroup.co.uk), Regency House, Sheffield is an important project to help improve asylum provision and support for asylum seekers across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Mear's began a 10 year contract with the Home Office in September 2019 to provide asylum provision and support to asylum seekers in Yorkshire and the Humber. Mears are committed to investing in and accommodating Service Users in safe, secure and fit-for-purpose accommodation that is properly equipped before rehousing those who have successfully applied for asylum within the UK.

There is a principal IA (Initial Accommodation) for Yorkshire and the Humber located at Urban House in Wakefield. This is where asylum seekers are first accommodated whilst their applications for asylum are assessed. The Wakefield accommodation is often at capacity, therefore as part of the contract with the Home Office, for health, well-being health and safety purposes Mears are contracted to provide an overspill facility to address this and rather than placing asylum seekers in hotels or HMO accommodation.

Regency House, located at 75-77 St Mary's Road within Sheffield City Centre has been identified as suitable for the overspill accommodation.

This website provides information on the proposed change of use of Regency House from student accommodation to a residential hostel for those seeking asylum.